I've loved Studio MIRAVAL for quite a while because it has a completely different atmosphere from all those high-tech studios. For example, for years they've been collecting fantastic microphones that you can't buy anywhere else any more. As a consequence, they're hardly available in other studios. And then, the heat and the landscape there, well, you know - it's almost like being way down South....


We chose to record our album MUTTER in the Studio MIRAVAL because it’s a studio where you have space. We are numerous and thus need space. It is also a mythical place for us because groups like Pink Floyd or AC / DC recorded at this place. Furthermore, parts of THE WALL - Pink Floyd were recorded in this studio ! It’s our producer who found the studio, and we found the place perfect. It’s a sort of monastery…it’s very quiet, in the middle of vineyards. The fact of being isolated is very practical to concentrate on music and find inspiration. HARD ROCK MAGAZINE - Sébastien Baert 2003


We recorded a part of " Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me " last autumn in the Studio Miraval, during several weeks. It is in the middle of vineyards, in a pleasant place. We lived overthere with our family, very relaxed, in three isolated and protected houses. When we arrived, I already arranged several dozens of very good songs which I liked particularly.
On the spot I continued to write and to compose. The band members also brought their ideas and their own compos… One morning, it was Thursday, I remember it, I decided that it would be a pity to put only a dozen tracks on the album and the idea of a double album was born! Finally, after selections and eliminations we arrived at 18 titles. More all those which will appear on faces B of future singles… It’s my preferred album since "Pornography" and I often listen to it for pleasure.


In May 1998 , we moved into studio at Studio MIRAVAL in the South of France to begin recording the new album.
At the controls this time was co-producer and engineer, Benedict Fenner who had worked with such diverse stars as Laurie Anderson, Elvis Costello and Brian Eno and James. "It felt like when we first started out as a band together", says Fergal. "There was a real freshness and happiness that hadn't been there for a long time."


In December 86, the band had a break for some time. Malcolm and Angus used this time to work, together with George, on some new riffs for the next album. Finally we chose Studio Miraval, built in an old mediaeval building. The studio is in a wonderful place in France. Under the direction of Vanda and Young, the conditions were the best to put up a spontanious album that would remind of the early ones. That was a very important step for the band´s esprit.


I chose to record my solo album in the Studio Miraval, in the middle of a nice vineyard with Provencal smells, in the South of France. Behind picturesque houses, I discovered an ultramodern, quiet and comfortable studio.